Here at Toxicity Game Dev I work hard so that you can
spend less time researching and more time creating!

So you want to make your own games? Easier said than done am I right.
My goal is to give you the tools you need to become a successful indie game developer.
Simply follow the tutorials on my YouTube or join me for live stream sessions as I focus on asset creation.
I work primarily on assets created for UE4 but much of the skills you learn will be useful for any game engine like Unity.

Visual Lessons

With the help of YouTube and Twitch I can present the courses with a visual aid. No need to spend hours reading difficult documentation, I have done all of that for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the footage.

Structured Courses

All asset design courses are planned out and executed in a precise manner to help you learn the basics of each lesson before advancing into the more difficult aspects of asset design.

Targeted Content

All of the content you will find on Toxicity Game Dev is targeted toward Game Development. This means all of the courses are specific to creating assets for video games!

Help SUPPORT the cause.

You can help me provide more content via Patreon or a one time donation via Ko-fi coffees.

Im super social.

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Want to stay updated with everything Toxicity Dev? Sure thing my dude, just follow me on your favorite social platform so that you can get notified whenever a new lesson or livestream goes live! From time to time I may offer special tips and tricks on one social platform or another, so ultimately following all of them works best. Stay cool, stay informed.

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Free asset packs just 4 you

Low poly forest pack

Coming soon. The low poly forest pack will be 100% ready to throw into your games. Use the pack as a learning resource or use it to in your own games. This pack will be under the creative commons 3.0 license!

Low poly character pack

Coming soon. This low poly character pack will come with four fully animated robot low polygon characters that you can use as a learning resource or to create your own games. This pack will be under the creative commons 3.0 license!

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